Life on the Estate

We think that life on the estate is best captured by the residents of Eshowe Hills. Here is what they have to say!


  • We have been living here on Eshowe Hills Estate for the last seven years and I can truly say we have been very happy. We enjoy a peaceful country lifestyle within easy reach of all the amenities we need. My husband is a keen birdlife photographer and the birdlife here on the Estate is spectacular.
  • We are surrounded by wildlife and always very thrilled to see a bushbuck or pig or even some of the smaller game like mongoose, and hares.
  • We love the freedom of being able to just go out walking, over the course or through the beautiful forests which surround us.
  • The Eshowe Hills Community is a varied one with not only retired folk but young couples with small children and these children really do enjoy the freedom of the Estate.
  • A big plus for us has been the fact that many of our friends have also built homes here so we enjoy a very pleasant social life as well as the added benefit of having an excellent restaurant on the Estate, tennis courts and a gym and regular entertainment organized by the Club management.


  • The kids can be kids! What a wonderful way to live, allowing my children to ride their bikes or walk to visit their friends, grandparents and cousins.
  • They stop to appreciate the wildlife and they get enjoyment from the simple things in life.
  • The sense of community, security and peacefulness reminds me of the pleasures from childhood.


  • To be able to sit at sunset on the verandah of our Eshowe Hills Estate Home and look over the beautifully groomed fairways and eco-friendly wild flower filled grassy conservation areas is a real joy.
  • A great variety of birds and other wild life such as bushbuck, duiker, bushpig and mongoose have been encouraged to become resident in this scenic and well run sanctuary.
  • There can be few such developments that are more inviting and satisfying for the lovers of golf, nature and peaceful living.